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August 20th at Laguna Beach

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Holmby Park - June 2014

What a great day we had at Holmby Park.  The setting was beautiful, with the Coral Tree and it's red flowers, the Lillies of the Nile purple blooms, the big Bird of Paradise and other foliage surrounding the green.  Since this is close to Hollywood we had several open tour buses coming around.  Maybe it will promote some interest to check out the game we were playing and find out why we were all dressed in white!

The hosting ladies did an outstanding job with Hospitality - lots of choices for both early morning and lunch time.  The green was set up for us to start the games and we did, 'almost' on time.  We had a few last minute changes with bowlers & I forgot to remove the chips for the rink we were not using so the leads had to draw again!  But it was all handled in a few minutes & we were on to trail bowls.

We are able to pay three winners now, both AM and PM, with the increase in prize donation from SWWD.  However, because of a problem with one of the cards, I am unable to accurately list the winners, but I know all those receiving a prize envelope was happy with the BIG MONEY!

There is no Ladies Day scheduled for the month of July.  In August we will be going to Laguna Beach.  Be sure to download the flyer from the SW website and post at your club.  This also is a beautiful location and August should be the perfect time to come and enjoy a day close to the ocean.  The parking is metered, so bring some change.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again.

Micky Alexander

Ladies Day Coordinator