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September 14th - 20th
hosted by the Southwest Division

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To Flip, or Not To Flip?

by Kottia Spangler, Division Umpire

First Rule of Thumb….anytime you have a question about a rule of play, take the time to look it up*!

Of course, once an umpire has been drawn in, you must abide by the umpire’s ruling.

When you have a tied end (before the completion of the game), rule 18.4 is executed.  “…the winner of the previous scoring end should place the mat and then deliver the jack and the first bowl”.

Rule 41.4 states that if the first end is declared tied, the first to play in that end should also play first in the second end.

In set play, rule 15.2 on page 22 of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls shall apply.

When a winner needs to be declared, and the game has ended in a tie, refer to rule 45, on page 50:  “…skips should toss a coin and the winner will decide who should play first…”.  The extra end should be played from where the previous end was completed.

If an extra end is declared dead, law 31.3 will apply.  “if the end is declared dead, the first to play in that end should also play first when the end is replayed”.

*As a member of Bowls USA, the book “Laws of the Sport of the Game” is yours in exchange for your membership in the national organization.